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MSA 中国与德国宝华(中国)公司联手打造了最具有性价比的高压呼吸空气压缩机。这个系列压缩机包括卧式(T)、箱体式(H)、立式(V)、立式静音(VS)四款,流量有200L/min, 250L/min, 300L/min ,500L/min,680L/min 共16款标准配置机型。另外还可以根据客户需求进行定制化设计。  

Nightfighter™ Heads-Up Display System

Clearly and easily see air cylinder content when wearing an MSA Ultra Elite Facepiece. This display system includes a transmitter assembly that securely mounts to the SCBA shoulder gauge pressure hose. Sends a digitally encoded signal to the facepiece-mounted receiver. Displays cylinder contents in one-quarter increments. Features 7 LED light patterns.
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